90-Year-Old Man Comes Out as Gay While Searching for Long-Lost Love

Kenneth Felts found a new sense of freedom amid the coronavirus pandemic. While quarantined alone at home in Colorado, the 90-year-old decided to write his memoir and wound up coming out as gay.
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Halsey Hits Back at J.K. Rowling for Controversial Trans Tweets

Rowling, sharing an article on the creation of a “more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate,” seemed to take issue with the “people who menstruate” language, positing whether there used to be a word for such a person.
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WATCH: Kesha Officiates Wedding In New Music Video for "I Need a Woman to Love"

Kesha took a road trip to Las Vegas AND officiated a same-sex wedding in the video for "I Need a Woman to Love"
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