Tae in Action

26 reasons to love Taehyung of BTS

Disclaimer: THIS POST IS IMAGE HEAVY. So if your phone/pc is slow well.....sorry lol Frazer Harrison / Staff In honor of Taehyung's birthday I've composed 26 reasons I love him. I could have said MANY more but I decided to stick with that number. So here we go! 1. His Voice A soulful barritone with...
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BTS ARMY celebrate 1,000 days of "I Purple You", V responds with "Winter Bear"

Getty/NeilsonBarnard The singer, actor, songwriter, painter, model, photographer and director has done it again, ARMY couldn't be more proud of him! A thousand days ago BTS member Kim Taehyung introduced and explained to ARMY the phrase, "I Purple You": 1000 days ago Taehyung changed the meaning of...
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BTS’ V Releases New Song ‘Scenery’ and we can't wait to play it!

There's a running joke in ARMY twitter that if you're an Aquarius zodiac? You love Tae's song "Singularity". Is it his voice? The way he looks at the camera? The way he smiles? All of the above for 500 Alex! It's the huge reason why when V started hinting about his solo track to ARMY that I've been...
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