The Most Watched YouTube Music Videos of the 2010s

Sure MTV is great, but have kids heard of YouTube? The 2010s were an amazing decade for music, and the first one to watch it entirely unfold on the video-sharing giant. We were just getting started in the aughts, and really hit hyper speed the past ten years. The first video with a billion views...
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Katy Perry Talks 'Smart Gadgets' and Charlie Puth Renting Her House

Before headlining the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash in Chicago, Katy Perry got cozy backstage with B96 and answered fellow artist Charlie Puth ’s pressing hot tub question. To understand the origin of this question, we have to go back to November when Puth stopped by the B96 studios and revealed that Perry...
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Watch Charlie Puth's Amazing 'Crunk Christmas Carols'

Charlie Puth is a hit-making machine, but he doesn’t even have a place to live. Good thing for Katy Perry . Puth isn’t exactly hurting financially, as far as we know, but his house is being renovated right now and Katy came to the rescue. The two worked on her single “ Small Talk ” together, and...
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