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Monday, December 4th


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What are your albums destined to be a timeless classic. You think. It's so crazy because this is inherently just read this things that said that our font articulate that we do on the record was Munich it's like Christmas is the most in on concrete on Thanksgiving black. Friday I act and I'd like why. Isn't that crazy I heard it while I was out Black Friday shopping by the lack. He did I actually heard on the radio for the first time yesterday here in Atlantic I was like. A they really on a spot with Blake Shelton it what that makes absolutely no sense at all that in the all the sense in the world. I am now any Christmas saw take us back to when you were a little girl. What is one of your favorite Christmas stories from when you were a little girl on Christmas morning. Well I actually have like the best. Also in the air created and so they like I have a lot of memories as we look dated on. My mom would take need to make is we have this sort of teaching and while it's like fabric and advocate. Pattern Christmas dress pattern. Cubic he would like all back. But my family who wake up on Christmas morning and export. And might regret in my opinion door which could be like sit in front of the week. Cut the fat. It was going on out there down the hall and at and the quality and hoping that those that propelled that doesn't in real world depends where would be like gift for that maybe Shaq secret into the room and then they would panic mother and then they would count the like Iranian island would break it hit third and. Like football players when they come out onto the field. As it that was I don't know like that it doesn't into the them. But back. I thought I had good memories now minor pretty weak. I. Date and it's been paddy declining are pretty they're pretty did. Let's talk about the album he got twelve Christmas songs. Some classics some originals. How did she pick. I mean honestly when I wanna be like is are doing cover attack and a lot of I think we did it my life is now listed as a lot of my response to be lives. But on this record I didn't really think hard about what I wanted to do you like it but I knew I wanted to do that. Christmas by land his threat but what about our agent mean that was like instinct Christmas. Classic that was like the backdrop of Apple's high school you don't rebate site. One of the best ever. Jack and it it's interesting to I would think about writing Christmas music Jimmy Fallon on somebody wrote singled out right well. Like Christmas is that interesting when you start actually speaking at that didn't just as bad now can a human being that bad debt panel but in the evenings like music out to six. Elmo and patsy wrote to grandma got run over by reindeer. I. Yeah that's why I'm so proud of like the actual army make excellent Christmas is ultimately can I wrote in other kids together right. A boat like silently Christmas song is I think really eat huge tall order and it is completely cap back on togetherness that's crazy mixture of both domestic capital all there without bond with glee children. You guys are so cute it's kind of disgusting. Really happy our current path it. You're gonna do that together on the voice smack dab in the middle of all the holiday madness. Back aren't fair excited about it because I had been kind of like some months it is that. Inspiring place to be on that music in town and I went down yesterday. At this he. What's going on that he. If there are some incredible performances by some really young girls I was like it's happening helped. All combat that you wish it just blows me away but yet to the other view our song together on the voice actresses. At Christmas. Indeed pretty well peaked. Before I let you go we got to know what's Gwen Stefani is Christmas wish this year. Well obviously Christian nation as the record and at both the patented it so like honored to be part of that that's in the year as songwriters. That would. I'm pretty sure Santa Claus is already granted your wish Glen what are. So. When thanks so much like I said what a treat Merry Christmas.