Sean Stewart

7:00pm - 12:00pm

I am a 11 year resident of Chattanooga, TN who made his way to the scenic city via   Poughkeepsie, NY where I was born and raised. Chattanooga is home for my wife and me   along with our two children. We love the family lifestyle that Chattanooga provides; whether it is   bike rides on the Riverwalk or a picnic and carousel ride in Coolidge Park we are never at a loss   for fun family outdoor entertainment. Weekends are spent downtown at some of our great local   restaurants and breweries (Heaven & Ale is my fav). The sports vibe of the city is really fun to   be a part of as the family and I attended as many Chattanooga Lookout games as we can each   summer! And when CFC and UTC footballs games are at Finley Stadium you can catch me   tailgating with a group of friends! You can find the family and I on a Sunday walking though The   Chattanooga Market looking for some unique local fair. The vibe of this city is awesome and I’m   so happy to call Chattanooga home.


  #NoogaNights w/ Sean Stewart was launched in the spring of 2008 on WDOD Hits 96; the show   produced strong ratings and revenue for the station. During that time I co- created the     successful local event The Running of the Chihuahuas, created, branded and hosted the Hit   Mix, made countless friends and at local High School football games thought the fall at our   Friday Night Lights live broadcasts. #NoogaNights w/ Sean Stewart is a strong brand in the   market with Instant name recognition. The show is proven winner that maintained a top 3   position at night over a 10 year period. Live and Local radio is what it’s all about and I love to   bring that vibe to the city every weeknight! #NoogaNights W/ Sean Stewart airs daily from 7-  Midnight on 103.7 Kiss-Fm.

Not only do I have an amazing job that requires me to play music at a high volume and talk to local listeners. I really enjoy live music events such as concerts, award shows and music festivals with Bonnaroo being my favorite weekend of the year. At one point I was able to bench press a small car and run a mile in under a day. One day soon you will catch back in a local gym prepping for the iron man. Most days I wear a fitted New York Yankees hat as I’m a big fan of the team. A radio guy at heart as I have hosted, coordinated and produced top rated radio shows on various stations throughout the east coast since my rookie season of 2001. In 2005 I was nominated for the New York City Metro March Of Dimes A.I.R Award and a 2014 SIN award nominee for Music Director of the year in a secondary market. Follow my social media empire @Sean_Stewart