Echelon Bike Giveaway

Echelon Exercise Bike Giveaway!

Why are sweat pants the only pants that fit comfortably! :*(

Qarantine brought on some pretty unwanted changes in all of us. Sure, we all might have picked up a new hobby or two but we probably picked up a few extra pounds to go along with it. Now, it's time get our butts in gear!

Register below for your chance to win a brand new Echelon exercise bike!

Here's how it works!

Every day we'll announce a keyword at 5:10PM EVERYDAY! Use the key word when entering the contest.

Each weekday, we'll pick a qualifier. DON'T FORGET TO USE THE CORRECT KEYWORD! Qualifiers will win an Amazon Echo Dot and they are in for a chance to win the grand prize! 

When the contest is over on 5/22/2020 at 7:00PM, we'll pick one grand prize winner among the qualifiers. 

Can't wait to win? Buy your Echelon bike HERE!