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Disney Pledges $5 Million to Support Social Justice Organizations

The Walt Disney Co. announced they are donating $5 million to nonprofit organizations that support social justice advancements, including $2 million to the NAACP.
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MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 Kicks off with Suga 'Interlude : Shadow' Comeback Trailer

At 12 KST, the first trailer for BTS’s upcoming album, Map of the Soul: 7 was released and it features 1/3 of the rap line of BTS, Min Yoongi aka SUGA. Of course ARMY is loving it and the message Suga's sending is making everyone have lots of feelings: Yoongi’s conflicted feelings about wanting to...
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Tae in Action

26 reasons to love Taehyung of BTS

Disclaimer: THIS POST IS IMAGE HEAVY. So if your phone/pc is slow well.....sorry lol Frazer Harrison / Staff In honor of Taehyung's birthday I've composed 26 reasons I love him. I could have said MANY more but I decided to stick with that number. So here we go! 1. His Voice A soulful barritone with...
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BTS releases "Make It Right" Music Video But With Fashion/Vertical

Friday morning at 5 AM ET, BTS dropped another video for “Make It Right.”, this time featuring Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook in vertical singing the original version! Video of BTS (방탄소년단) 'Make It Right' Official MV (Vertical ver.) ARMY is delighted of...
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BTS and Lauv release the remix of “Make It Right”, the reaction of ARMY to the MV is everything!

BTS released their song with Lauv of "Make It Right" 'which is a remix from BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona that was co-written by Namjoon, Yoongi, J-Hope, and Ed Sheeran. Video of BTS (방탄소년단) 'Make It Right (feat. Lauv)' Official MV The new remix is amazing but it's the reaction...
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