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Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

GRAMMY Awards: Vote for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

We are only a few weeks away from the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards , and a new set of names ready to be written in the history of music. As music has become more collaborative than ever before, the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category is commanding and filled with exciting examples of the magic... Read More
BTS reveal where they would live if they moved to the U.S.

Wait! Are BTS Coming to be Our Neighbors?

Sassy note: Soooo I was talking to RADIO.COM today (download the app if you don't have it) and it appears there is unseen footage from BTS' interview! So I was like ummmm let me get some of that footage. They said no. I said yes. They said no no. I said YES YES . RADIO.COM finally said okay and... Read More