Big Hit Entertainment's new group #TXT Introduces 4th Member Taehyun

Two Tae's make the world a better place

January 17, 2019

BTS' Jin took time out of his speech to support his hoobae's: 

You heard the man! What Jin wants, Jin gets! 


Here's our TXT member round up so far: 


And now we can say HAPPY TAE day to the 4th member, and '02 liner named TAEHYUN! 





Tae the blue-haired adonis who makes cameramen shooketh will take that as a compliment! 


What's adorable is that Taehyun's hyung is Taehyung. Perhaps I'm faint from the cuteness of it all. 


Why do I have a feeling all of them know english a decent amount? Was that because they plan on having them make a HUGE international debut in the States? So many questions! 


Maybe the official colors of the group? 




And what we are all thinking:



These teens are adorable and I can't wait to see the next member of #TXT!