BTS Teams Up With Nicki Minaj For The "Idol" Remix, Twitter Reacts!

"What's Good Korea?"

August 24, 2018

Sassy's note: 

Well this has been a JOURNEY. Let me tell you ARMY lol 

This was the biggest secret I've kept in a long time. A few things: 

1. There were SO many things that hinted at this collab that I was shocked some thought it wasn't true. BTS tweeting Nicki's album, Nicki and her label RTing the tweet. Nicki liking tweets about the collab, Shazam showing she was on it.  All of these things had me with my fist in my mouth behind the scenes so I'm sure Columbia Records was having a heart attack (lol) 

2. I gotta give props to Big Hit and Columbia for keeping the song under lock and key. Normally there is a listening party etc for a big artist song but not this time! And the ones who finally got to hear it yesterday kept their mouth shut. Only thing I could say was "that's the rumor" and emojis lol but hey teamwork makes the dream work! 

Thank you ARMY for your continuous support of 1037 KISS FM! Let's make this the biggest comeback ever! NO DISTRACTIONS!! Shazam, Stream, etc <3 


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In conclusion: