The most anticipated debut of a group has begun!

BTS' Jungkook is now a big brother!

January 10, 2019


Big Hit has introduced the first member of their new boy group TXT (Tomorrow X Together) with it's first member, Yeonjun! There will be a new member introduced every 72 hours. 




Within minutes he was trending:


and my first thought:



I have so many questions. Why was his introduced first? Is this the leader of the group? Will he be vocalist or rapper? Or both? What will their concept be? How many members will their be? 

I agree! They know these young guys on a personal level that we don't and have probably been preparing them for this moment. I can see them being very overprotective and not wanting them to go through some of the things they went through during their debut. 


Is that Yeonjun??? Looks like him a little bit! 




And of course what we're all thinking but don't want to admit:

THIS BABY BOY IS NOW A HYUNG. *cries* I need a moment BYE!