UPDATED: BTS ARMY start the #SeeSawChallenge!

Suga Enthusiasts, rejoice! Min Yoongi March is here!

September 9, 2018



If you know nothing else about me know this: I love Min Yoongi. 

No really...I'm devastated <3 


He's not a bias or wrecker for me, I adore him as a person. His confidence, his connection with music, his openness about his personal struggles, his compassion, his "I have emotions but I only show them when I feel like it" attitude. While BTS are having fun in the pool, Yoongi has his legs crossed with a glass of wine. That's BIG energy! 


I'll never forget him showing his gummy smile to my video with my korean teacher when I congradulated him on becoming a full member of the Korean Music Copyright Association. I've learned a tiny amount of Daegu dilalect to speak to him if I ever meet him in person. I am in deep platonic love with this man and all my ARMY friends know it. 


You can imagine the joy many ARMY felt when we first heard Suga's song "SeeSaw", his first attempt at singing and he nails it. 



The rest of BTS also love the song:


The #SeeSawChallenge has been picking up steam on social media. ARMY all around the world are doing it! 


User @Paulina13542 didn't start the challenge but she was one of the earliest to do it: 


To practice here's the #seesaw dance part (second tweet) many are doing but honestly? Just feel the music and do what ya want! 



You know it's big when the shyest/one of the biggest BTS ARMY translator accounts/Suga stan does the #seesaw challenge! 





Tap Dancing ARMY! 


Ballerina ARMY! 


Choreographed ARMY! 























Even Lil Meow Meow's joined in! 







Many plan to change their avi thanks to this tweet: 


If you'd like to join the fun, you can go to this page (@LejindaryFandom) and get a Sugar-Suga icon or header.  I adore these and they're very nice about letting the fandom use these :) 



#DreamwithYoongi bday project by BTSX50States:



#SeeSawChallenge birthday celebration

The most watched BTS ARMY fancam belongs to @duetkm! It's at 42 million views and counting. 

Go watch and RT this iconic video! Let's make Yoongi smile with 50 million views! 



Learn the chant to seesaw: