Mariah killed her performance on New Year's Eve

Even though she didn't get her HOT TEA!

January 1, 2018

The pressure was on for Mariah Carey last night. Just before midnight, she took the stage, as the we watched to see whether or not she would have a repeat of last year’s whatever that was...  (She didn’t BTW). HOWEVER She DID, manage to spark 2018’s very first internet trend, with an onstage moment that had us wanting TEA. Around the 2:39 mark of the video below, she asked for some HOT TEA. She didn't get it so she said "Well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m gonna be just like everybody else with NO hot tea..." Just watch. 

That, in turn sent twitter into a whirlwind. 




Even Mariah herself got in on the fun.

Happy New Year, Here's to hoping that each and every one of you get your hot tea in 2018