Lil Nas X Is Going To Break An Almost 25 Year Record Because Of BTS' RM. ARMY reacts: YEEHAW Edition!

Taking a trip down to Seoul Town Road

July 25, 2019

Credit: Steven Ferdman/Stringer


Lil Nas X knew he had a hit on his hands. 

The original song went viral. 

The Billy Ray Cyrus remix was catchy.

The Diplo remix gave it EDM's seal of approval.

The Young Thug, Mason Ramsey remix made us giddy up and giddy out the way. 

What could Lil Nas X do to take this established phenom to it's final form to break Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day" 16 week record to raise his hands in victory on sweet 17? Get his labelmate RM of BTS aka the biggest group on the planet with the world's most powerful fanbase A.R.M.Y., and release another remix called "Seoul Town Road"

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeesy! 

I bet RM went into the lab and practiced his country accent that he got from Tom in Georgia: 


He probably asked Jungkook about the countryside: 


andddd VOILA! 


ARMY has been having a good time yee to the hawing: 










We're sure this is how the other members of BTS reacted: 


A Gen-Z African-American full of pride paired up with a Millennial Korean rapper who asked the world "Who the hell am I?", who said with determination "I will prove it to you all", is about to break one of the most treasured music records in history.  

I just wanna go. I just wanna fly.