Learn the Lingo of BTS!

Delve Deeper Into the World's Most Popular Group!

May 7, 2018

Are you ready for comeback? Who is your bias? I stan my wrecker Jimin so much!

Didn’t understand that sentence? Here is every day ARMY lingo for you to know if you’re just diving into the world of BTS:


ARMY: The name of their passionate and powerful fanbase. "Are you ARMY?" "Yes I am!"

Stan: An obsessed fan. Originated from Eminem’s song “Stan”.  Example: “I stan BTS!

OT7: Used to describe all seven members of the group. Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Tae, and Jungkook. “My bias is OT7!

Hyung: The eldest. Jin is the hyung of the group. Hyung means “older brother,” so technically, everyone is “hyung” to Jungkook. Jin is “hyung” to all the members since he is the oldest.

Maknae: The youngest. Jungkook is the Maknae of BTS.

Bias: Your favorite member.

Wrecker or Bias-wrecker:  The one who tries to drag you away from your favorite member.

For example, if you were a One Direction fan and Harry was your favorite, but you flip-flopped to Niall sometimes, Harry would be your bias and Niall would be your wrecker.  In BTS, my bias is RM and my wrecker is Jungkook … but I’m cheating on both with Tae and J-Hope! LOL Eventually the other BTS members will be your wrecker at some point and its good fun.

Selca: Selfie

Leader: The main communication point for the band, who speaks for all members to the agency, and for the agency to the members; the frontman.  In BTS, the leader is RM.  In Western music, this might be the lead singer or lead guitarist.

Fan Chant:  A fan chant incorporates all of the members’ names in full, starting with RM since he is the leader of the group, then in order by age.


Comeback: In America, a comeback is a new album, but in K-Pop it can be used two different ways: an artist who is returning to the music scene after a long hiatus, or an artist/group is back with a new album or single.

Comeback stage: The first time they perform a new song from an album. So since BTS’ first performance of their new song "Fake Love" will be May 20th at the BillBoard Music Awards, the BBMA's will be the comeback stage.


I think you’re all caught up with the lingo!