HyunA & Pentagon's E'Dawn have been kicked out of Cube Entertainment... for dating. Twitter reacts!

Two Grown Adults Date, Scandal Erupts!

September 13, 2018

Quick backstory on this: 


HyunA is a known K-pop artist. She is also in a group called Triple H with two members of the boy group Pentagon, vocalist Hui and rapper E'Dawn. Rumors started to surface that HyunA and E'Dawn were dating. Their company Cube Entertainment denied the news but HyunA confirmed on instagram they were in fact dating, and had been for two years. 


While many fans were understanding, many also flew into a rage and felt betrayed that they had not known for two years that they were dating. In K-Pop dating for Idols in public is taboo so Cube Entertainment began cancelling stuff left and right. Triple H was meant to promote their single on two more music shows but their appearances were cancelled and Cube put out a statement that their promotions had concluded.


Fast forward to today: 




Yes that's right. These two got fired. For dating. 

Was I upset over Justin Timberlake dating Britney Spears? Sure for a day or two because he was my husband (in my head), but for the most part in America it's pretty common for teen idols to date and for the most part tweens/teens enjoy every second of it. In K-Pop it's a little different.


Reaction on twitter has been for the most part in favor of the couple:




Some blamed HyunA for confirming the relationship but: 








I really hope E'Dawn's former group Pentagon continues to thrive after this scandal. They're a fairly new group and I was warming up to them especially Yeo One because...well...just look at him! 



Seriously, I really hope HyunA and E'Dawn overcome the odds and continue their relationship and still find success as idols.