Tae in Action

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26 reasons to love Taehyung of BTS

It's V's birthday and we're gonna celebrate!

December 30, 2019

Disclaimer: THIS POST IS IMAGE HEAVY. So if your phone/pc is slow well.....sorry lol 


Frazer Harrison / Staff


In honor of Taehyung's birthday I've composed 26 reasons I love him. I could have said MANY more but I decided to stick with that number. So here we go! 



1. His Voice 


A soulful barritone with a voice that's been described as deep, warm, thick, and inviting, Tae has a vocal range from Eb2 to G5. 



2. His Satoori 

Satoori (사투리) is the Korean word for 'regional dialect'. It's a set of words, phrases, grammar, pronunciation patterns that are unique to a specific region of Korea.


Taehyung was born in Daegu but grew up in Geochang so his Satoori was on full display when our other December birthday boy Jin, said playfully in an interview that "he had no friends" 


And again our December Birthday Boys playfully spared on "Knowing Bros" when Tae unleased his Satoori to a shocked Jin lol 



3. His acting skills 


4. His photography skills 


5. His mullet 


6. His talent with instruments

Saxophone, Violin, you name it, Tae plays it! 


7. His dance skills 

When Taehyung dances his confidence and personality come out. It's all about 3J and Tae!



8. His innocence 

The way he looks at and appreciates this world is something we can all learn from.


9. His love of kids 

Taehyung adores children and will make an AMAZING dad one day. 


10. His hair colors 

Red, purple, green, take your pick! No one rocks hair colors like Kim Taehyung! 


11. His love for his members 

Taehyung always reminds fans that BTS has 7 members:

"Love the seven of us for the long time. Thank you."

"Each member has their own charisma, so please listen carefully to each member's part."

"I hope fans give love to all seven. BTS is made up of seven guys"

He showed his affection for his members with a very cute poem called "It's No Big Deal"


12. His fake gum chewing

When Tae is in his zone there is a move/habit he does with his mouth and I can't stop watching 




13. His love for Panda Express 

Every ARMY knows of Taehyung's love for Panda Express! Even the Panda Express twitter has acknowledged his love for them so hmm maybe he can be their new spokesperson?! 



14. His social butterfly side 

Tae is well known for his social butterfly status thanks to his kind heart and friendly personality.


15. His fashion sense 

From airport fashion to the Grammys, Prim and Proper to Bold and Gucci, Tae is in a league of his own when it comes to fashion!



16. His rap skills 

Just put Taehyung in rap line already Big Hit! 


which leads me to my next reason to love Tae: 


17. His affection for rapline

 Suga, J-Hope, and Namjoon fed off the chaotic and suppotive energy of VMin while practicing "Ddaeng"


18. He calls his pimples ''friends"

The world's most handsome man embraces his flaws and names his pimples. How down to earth can you be?! 


19. His VLives

It was the VLive heard around the world. 

Taehyung logged onto VLive and said he had "nothing really to talk about" and ended up sending ARMY into a uwu MELTDOWN


VLive crowned it the most played solo Vlive OF THE DECADE. 


20. His love for animals

Tae is a dog and cat lover and his affection for animals is so cute to watch:


21. Yeontan/Tannie 

All of BTS have animals we love but there is one special dog that ARMY goes crazy over and it's Taehyung's dog Yeontan. 

Tannie is so popular that his name instantly trends worldwide when Taehyung posts him and he was recently featured in an official Dispatch photoshoot with Tae:


22. His Boxy Smile 


23. His handsome face 

I mean come on....look at him! There's a reason his nickname is CGV. 

He is so good looking that he's won awards:


One of my favorite videos is BTS telling Tae how handsome he is and how shy Tae is about the compliments. Namjoon has pointed out before how humble Tae is. 


24. Singularity 

When I asked my friends to describe the song they associated with Tae, many of them said  "Singularity"

The dancing...his voice...the visual...all of it is *chefs kiss*



25. His love of art

From Van Gogh to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Taehyung is an artsy type with great taste. He's drawn his own art on his clothes and done some great paintings of his own. 





26. I Purple You. --

He redefined the color purple during BTS's third muster in November 2016:

"I wish I could see you for a long time just like the meaning of purple," Taehyung continued. "We will always trust you and go up the stairs with you. You don't need to help us all the time. You can hold our hands and follow us now. We'll go up really high. I'll make it nice."

It's made such an impact that it's been acknowedged by UNICEF:

And said by other members of BTS: 

And of course, ARMY! 



In conclusion HAPPY BIRTHDAY the multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer, producer, actor, artist and ethereal Kim Taehyung!!