Girl group Twice : "BTS paved the way for K-pop in the US"

They feel K-Pop has reached global status thanks to BTS

August 18, 2018

The adorable social influencer/Ellen discovery Kalen Allen went to KCON in Los Angeles and got a makeover, learned the choreography for BTS’ hit song “Fake Love,” and interviews the most popular K-pop girl group on the planet, TWICE! 

Kalen asked about the rise of K-Pop in the United States and they gave credit to BTS for paving the way:

"We never thought K-Pop would become so popular in America, but because BTS paved the way and gave us an opportunity to become more known, we're very thankful and want to promote more in the states."


My take: 

As a programmer I agree with TWICE. I give respect to Psy, Wonder Girls, SNSD, etc for the beginning of K-Pop community in the United States, but BTS is the reason interviews with Buzzfeed, MTV, etc, are more common with K-Pop acts and no longer a rarity. BTS and their passionate fanbase ARMY are not just maintaining their fanbase but adding to it every day with new fans who are eager to learn about the genre. BTS selling out a US stadium in less than an hour puts them in another realm from other K-Pop artists. In my profession radio considers BTS the ones who kicked the door down and not just opened it. 


For other k-pop bands that I'm a fan of, I see you watching and learning and I love it!


Watch Kalen's day at KCON below!