BTS ARMY celebrate 1,000 days of "I Purple You", V responds with "Winter Bear"

What is Summer? It's Winter time now!

August 9, 2019


The singer, actor, songwriter, painter, model, photographer and director has done it again, ARMY couldn't be more proud of him! 





A thousand days ago BTS member Kim Taehyung introduced and explained to ARMY the phrase, "I Purple You":


His genuine love and sincereity behind the phrase became an important slogan of love and support for BTS and ARMY. 




1000 days later, Taehyung posts the emotional and powerful song "Winter Bear", sung in english & self directed music video by the man himself: 




The fact that he revealed this song on the 1,000th day is not lost on ARMY:



TaeJin! <3





V posts to let ARMY know that Namjoon helped him with the english:


Long live the KIM line! 



But most of all: 


If you are reading this, just know that I purple you <3 


"Winter Bear" and "Epiphany" will be played tonight at 9pm ET on 1037 KISS FM.