Frazer Harrison / Staff

BTS’ V Releases New Song ‘Scenery’ and we can't wait to play it!

ARMY is so proud of Tae-Tae!

January 30, 2019

There's a running joke in ARMY twitter that if you're an Aquarius zodiac? You love Tae's song "Singularity". Is it his voice? The way he looks at the camera? The way he smiles?

All of the above for 500 Alex! 



It's the huge reason why when V started hinting about his solo track to ARMY that I've been waiting in anticipation:


Today he delivered! His song is called "Scenery" 




Of course the BTS Maknae line tweeted their support and excitement about the song: 


ARMY's  uwu-mode was activated: 





Tae took over worldwide trends like the KING he is:


No wonder he's a writer/composer with 6 songs under his belt according to KOMCA:



V's Baritone voice touches souls every time he sings. 

Can I stan out for a minute? Cause I NEED...TO...STAN. 



I've read that V can reach Eb2 ~ D6 (3 octaves, 5 notes and 1 semitone) with C3 ~ C4/C#4. If this is true then WOW the talent jumped out! 




How do you go from THIS:




Can he let us breathe please?? *grabs tissue* 



1037 KISS FM played Scenery! 





We are so proud of you V! WE PURPLE YOU!!