BTS' Jin Drops New Solo Ballad ‘This Night’, Will Make it's Debut on American Radio Tonight

The JINspiration behind the song has touched millions around the world...

June 4, 2019

Photo by FredrickMBrown

Hello This is Jin.



With those four words and the letter that proceeded it, ARMY has been a mess of emotion and tears for hours now. 

To Celebrate BTS Festa '19, BTS is releasing new material in a span of two weeks for their ARMY to enjoy. ARMY was especially excited to see that Jin would be releasing a song June 5th KST and boy did he deliver. 


The song “This Night"/"Tonight" is a ballad that Jin reveals was written with his pets in mind. It's JINspried BTS ARMY to tweet appreciation for their pets that are alive or gone: 








Tonight in the 9pm ET hour we will be playing this poignant song.

Jin I want you to know that Jjangu, Odeng and Eomuk are extremely proud of you, as is ARMY.