It's Official: The World has fallen in love with Jimin of BTS!

Admit're whipped for Chim-Chim!

October 12, 2018

I've been noticing for the past few it just me or is the world (the USA in particular) fallen head over heels in love with Jimin of BTS? 

All seven members are loved and adored by ARMY of course! I've just noticed that Jimin has the power to captivate anyone who interviews him. To make a crowd go crazy one minute and cry the next. This 23 (스물네) year old is P O W E R F U L. 


Let's take a look at why the world has swerved into Jimin Lane eh? Oh by the way this is an opinion piece and meant to be fun, so let's go! 


1.  @jiminsdae posted this post:

 Causing non-BTS fans to have tons of FEELINGS



2. This LOOK



3. This NOTE


4. His concern for his brothers








5. His love of ARMY







6. Celebs love Jimin






This man can do no wrong:


Happy Birthday Jimin!! Enjoy your special day!