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BTS Have Been Invited To Join The Recording Academy Class of 2019, BTS ARMY Reacts: "What Have YOU Done Successfully?" Edition!

Let us know....quickly!

June 6, 2019

What exciting news to receive during Festa!! 


BTS and Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Shi Hyuk have been invited by The Recording Academy to join as voting members! This means they'll be eligible to vote for the Grammys in 2020 if they accept the offer. 


BTS ARMY are SO proud of Bang PD Nim and their boys which lead to the next question: What have YOU done successfully? 




Because ARMY has a list of things BTS has done:


And now BTS can judge an artists of their peers:


Which brings us back to the question: 


No really.....we'd like to know:


Dance break while you think about it: 


Need some air to ponder your answer? No problem:


Once again back to the question: 


Because these young millennials do A LOT of things successfully:




J-Hope is waiting for an are we! 




The answer:


Congrats to Bang PD Nim and BTS on this wonderful achievement! 


In case you don't know the source of this meme: