Little Mix Samples Sisqo And Matches Minaj On 'LM5'

The British girl group is back and stronger than ever

November 16, 2018
Little Mix

Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer

The fierce fifth album from Little Mix is strong, unapologetic, and dynamic.

LM5 finds these four women building on their success, and really growing into their own. While the harmonies are still powerful, it's the anthemic feminism that's the focus. It's a loving but empowered set of bangers and ballads.

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The British quartet stands toe-to-toe with Nicki Minaj on "Woman Like Me" and they shine, they deliver an epic tale of heartbreak on the soaring "Monster In Me", and rock out on the fuzzed-up "Wasabi."

While several songs seem destine for radio rotation, it's the early buzz on "Love A Girl Right" that has been the loudest so far. The threatening and throbbing tune repurposes Sisqo's "Thong Song" in thrilling fashion.

LM5 is now available everywhere.