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Instant Pot Manufacturer Issues Warning for Owners of Certain Models

By: Kelly Meyers

February 26, 2018

Forget about the slow cooker because everyone is now obsessed with the Instant Pot. They were one of the hottest items this past holiday season selling in record numbers. 

What's the difference between the crock pot and Instant Pot? A slow cooker lets you set it and forget it. Well, the Instant Pot cooks the same things a crock pot would but in far less time. 

But if you own an Instant Pot, you need to take a look at this warning from the manufacturer:

Some of their pots are overheating and that could cause a fire. The manufacturer has issued a warning, which reads in part: 

"We are asking all our customers with a Gem 65 8-in-1 Multicooker from batchcodes 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734, and 1746 to immediately stop use of the product," the message reads. More information can be found on this post from Instant Pot on Facebook.

The company has not issued a recall, but they say that they're taking the issues very seriously. Several owners have reported that their Instant Pot was melting and overheating.

If you're a This Is Us fan, the show may have left a bad taste is your mouth over slow cookers because it's what started the fire that ultimately led to Jack's death. People were so upset they were calling for a boycott of the Crock-Pot Things got so out of hand that This Is Us producers and NBC had to issue a special message.