YouTubers Donate $5K Worth of Toilet Paper They Bought Months Ago For a Stunt

March 26, 2020

A pair of YouTubers are doing their part to pay it forward amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites, who go by MoreJStu on their YouTube channel, have donated $5K worth of toilet paper which they had left over from a stunt they filmed last year.

The pair are known for making forts out of makeshift items and have amassed a following of over 5 million people on the online platform.

Back in October, the duo bought massive amounts of TP in order to build a giant castle made out of the essential bathroom product.

While at the time of their viral stunt there was no shortage, the spread of COVID-19 has turned toilet paper into a rare commodity after people raided store shelves stocking up on the item.

Instead of trying to profit financially from the situation, the pair decided to take all the rolls they had left over and give it away for free to people in need.

"We've had the toilet paper stashed in our warehouse for months," Scites told CNN. "Once the virus broke out and everyone went ham over toilet paper, we were like, holy cow, we have an insane amount that we can just give out because people can't even buy it. It was a no-brainer for us to give them away."

Scites and Stuart filled up their van with their leftover toilet paper and drove around distributing it to people near their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The pair made a video as they donated the toilet paper to nursing homes, supermarket parking lots and even door-to-door.

In the clip, grateful recipients can be seen expressing their thanks and becoming emotional over the surprise gift.

"If we had done this idea, like, three months, people would have looked at us like we were crazy," Scites told the outlet. "But after giving it out now, people were on the verge of tears, telling us we saved their families. It was really unexpected, but it was awesome to be able to bless people that way."

And while everyone is adjusting to life amid the coronavirus outbreak, Schites offered inspirational words of wisdom to remember during these trying times.

"People are just looking for something to have hope in. Who knew just giving someone an extra pack of toilet paper can bring up peoples' spirits," Scites said.

"If you have an opportunity to make people smile, you should do it."

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