Jackson Wang Opens Up About Slowing Down While Also Completing His Next Album

Wang's new album is almost done, but we may not get it just yet

July 21, 2020

Got7's Jackson Wang joined RADIO.COM's Yesi Ortiz from 97.1 AMP in Los Angeles and opened up about taking time to slow down and focus on the most important aspects of life, while also sharing details about the near completion of his upcoming album.

"I'm almost done with my next album. It's over ten songs and I can't wait to release it. It's something different, I can guarantee that. But I don't want to put that expectation too high," Jackson candidly shares. The rapper explains that he doesn't want to set the bar too high and wants people to enjoy it for what it is.

Wang speaks to the magic and work that went into creating the music video for "100 Ways" and tells us "I always wanted to put out some stuff that nobody has seen before, or its fresh, or its something out of nowhere." Jackson has experience in fencing which he says has helped translate lyrics into the incredible movement for the choreography we see in his music videos.

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