103-Year-Old Grandmother Goes Viral After Getting First Tattoo

August 12, 2020

    For many people, getting a tattoo is something they may think about, but never actually follow through with obtaining.

    However, one centenarian in Michigan recently decided to finally cross off getting some ink from her bucket list.

    The newly permanently marked 103-year-old grandmother has since gone viral after photos of her getting a tattoo were shared on social media by her grandchild.

    Dorothy Pollack recently visited a tattoo parlor with her granddaughter, Teresa Zavitz-Jones, to get some ink permanently put on her arm.

    After she decided on a green frog on her left forearm, Pollack's granddaughter made sure to share the entire experience.

    “Granny is a badass now; sportin that ink. It's her first... ink addiction is the name of the game,” Zavitz-Jones captioned her post.

    Born in 1917, Pollack was the oldest person the tattoo artist ever worked on and gave her her the new ink for free, reported WZZM-TV.

    Afterwards, the newly tatted granny crossed another item off her bucket list and rode off on the back of a motorcycle.

    Nothing is stopping this grandmother from living her life to the fullest.

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