EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X Have a Message to Monbebe

New music from the K-pop group is only days away

September 18, 2019

As Monsta X prepare to release a new song this Friday, they have a special message to Monbebe.

If you know you know, these fans of the K-pop group are proud and supportive, and the feeling is absolutely mutual. My sunshine, my baby, my light – all words Monsta X use to describe their fans in the exclusive message above. “You made our dreams come true so we’re gonna make it up to you,” they explain in the sweet shout out.

Monbebe has a lot to happy about this week, with the group previewing a new song that’s set to drop on Friday and the announcement that Monsta X will appear on Ellen on September 25. The performance with the top daytime talk show is their latest TV appearance in the US, after thrilling fans on Good Morning America last month.

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