100 Days until Halloween!

Let the count down begin!

One of our favorite holidays is only 100 days away! HALLOWEEN! While this will for sure be the strangest halloween we have ever experienced due to social distancing and other public health safety precautions that doesn't mean we can't have fun dressing up and sharing pictures online!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween 2020 costume Ideas

  1. Sports costumes! One of the things that has been missed the most from 2020 is SPORTS! 
  2. Doctor/nurse costumes! Among many other essential proffessions, these were the real superheros of 2020.
  3. Astronaut costume! SpaceX Celebrated an incredible launch of the Falcon 9 rocket on June 30th so way not continue celebrating on Halloween?
  4. aaaaand as honorable mentions, some "evergreen" costume ideas are.. Powder Puff Girls Group costumes for you and you besties or for the solo guys, "3 hole punch" Jim from The Office are always some solid choices.